Extra-terrestrials are Real and Benevolent

We have moved into a new paradigm. We human beings are not the only intelligent life in the universe. Msgr. Balducci, a Vatican official interviewed by Steven Greer, has been cited as saying that the Creator would have been foolish to place all hope for intelligent life in a single planet.

Emissaries from outer space have been visiting us for at least decades, and the evidence is compelling. Why have we not heard such dramatic news? Difficult as it is to believe, there has been a conspiracy of secrecy by a shadow power structure, referred to as the “MJ-12,” which is multinational and funded through hidden budgets, a group which includes military, corporate, and government elements. They have been able to maintain this secrecy by means of a complex structure in which each small group is kept ignorant of all but their own small part and sworn to keep quiet, while the projects are classified above top secret. As a result, top government and military officials, even the head of the CIA and the Chiefs of Staff, have been refused information and told they did not have a “need to know.” As a result, we have a powerful quasi-governmental structure carrying out important and expensive projects without any kind of control or oversight by any branch of the government.

The MJ-12’s motive in the past in maintaining the secrecy was in part out of concern for the general panic which might follow disclosure. In addition, there has been concern that the ETs’ advanced technology might be used for weapons by the Soviet Union (during the cold war) or by rogue states or terrorists. The secrecy provides cover for the development of various weapon systems aimed at defending against extraterrestrial attack. It goes without saying that lucrative contracts for placing weapons in space are involved. A certain segment of the MJ-12, mostly fundamentalist Christians, actually intend to encourage interplanetary warfare in order to hasten the coming of the Armageddon which they believe will precede the second coming of Christ.

Steven Greer, MD, has amassed copious and convincing evidence about the reality of ETs and the MJ-12 conspiracy. His group has staged a well-attended press conference at the Press Club in DC in 2001, where a number of reliable witnesses testified. A video of the event may be viewed (or downloaded) at Greer’s Disclosure Project web site, http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/.

Greer has identified hundreds of reliable witnesses, airline pilots, military personnel, and intelligence officers, who testify about their own experience. Numerous ET vehicles have been sighted visibly and tracked by ground and airborne radar. They can travel at speeds far beyond the fastest jets, at many thousands of miles per hour. They can execute tight 90-degree turns and instantaneous reverses, far beyond anything known to our technology.

Greer has also written four books giving details of the evidence. One of them, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge, tells his personal story as a spiritually precocious young boy who overcame much hardship to become a prominent emergency room physician and who then gave up his medical career to devote himself to the Disclosure Project and its allied enterprises.

ET vehicles have been forced down and retrieved by MJ-12 forces, and intensive study and back-engineering of their advanced technology has been carried out since the 1940s, all in complete secrecy. US military and aerospace corporations have been able to duplicate some of their technology and have even duplicated their vehicles, using them to stage sham incidents in order to engender fear and discredit the intentions of the genuine ETs. The media seems to cooperate, reporting ET news well garnished with the ridicule factor.

Back-engineered technology such as zero-point energy and antigravity propulsion, which would solve the oil crisis without pollution, has been worked out and is shelved in secrecy. Several other technical advances have been back-engineered from ET vehicles and have passed into common usage, including integrated circuit computer chips and fiber optics.

Greer has a program for training “ambassadors” to ETs to welcome them to Earth, in contrast with the MJ-12s, who try to shoot them down. His groups are trained to achieve a state of deep meditation in which they feel one with the universe, during which they invite ET vehicles to come and make contact. They invariably succeed in calling forth manifestations of various kinds, including lights, sounds, visible vehicles, and ET beings who communicate with them telepathically. The program has been running since 1997.

From the evidence it is clear that ETs are highly evolved spiritually and are benevolent. Their concern seems to be to prevent us humans from destroying our planet. Their technology allows them to travel faster than the speed of light and to have propulsion without fuel, using anti­gravity devices. Their vehicles are able to materialize and dematerialize at a different location, allowing them to traverse great distances instantaneously. They also are able to sense the thoughts and feelings of viewing humans, and they withdraw when they sense they are inspiring fear.

Some of the ET activities have been considered hostile by the MJ-12s. A few examples, however, will show their intentions to be quite the opposite. An attempted US nuclear missile shot at the moon during the cold war was intercepted by an ET vehicle which shot laser beams at it and destroyed it, an event which is documented on film.

In another event, ET vehicles appeared over several US silos containing nuclear-tipped missiles and took them off­line, rendering them inoperable. The military was unable to account for the unprecedented event. Similar events have also taken place with Russian missile bases. This activity was undoubtedly an assurance that the ETs would not allow a nuclear exchange to take place. It may be hoped that their advanced technology would also be able to correct global warming and other environmental crises.

The evolution of human beings has come to a crisis, and the next stage of evolution is beginning. As always with evolution, the next step will undoubtedly be a surprise. What form will that surprise take? It is beginning to appear that the next step will involve the emergence of friendly ETs who will assist us with advanced technology, and who may also teach us the spiritual skills we will need to cope with the new paradigm.

Meanwhile, what can we do to help the process along? We can inform ourselves and prepare ourselves for the emerging new paradigm. We can be ready to assuage fear when widespread disclosure finally appears. We can send welcoming thoughts to ETs on behalf of our fellow earthlings.

We can also prepare ourselves by deepening our own spirituality, through prayer and meditation. We can develop deeper compassion for ourselves, for all of humankind, for all life on our planet, and for the extraterrestrials who visit us with benevolent intentions. We can continue working for peace and harmony in our own way. Each of us will have the opportunity to play a role uniquely our own, and we can confidently expect that in the end all will be well.